Co- Curricular Activities


We have got five clubs & they meet once in a week ( Saturday)

  1. English Club:-  learners practices their speaking and listening skills in English language through role plays, Conversation audio recording, simulation One act plays etc.
  2. Maths Club :-learners are motivated to understand basic mathatical concepts by making models and perforining lot of activities by using basic material like clay, straws, small pipes etc learners are motivated to solve puzzales.
  3. Artists Club :- learners are motivated to express their creativitiy by making various hands on materials available at home. Innovation and originality is appreciated and encouraged amoung the learners.
  4. Editors Club :- this club comprises of students editors who are responsiable for school magazine right from & cratch. They collect the material from learners, make report of events & happenings, edit the stuff and come up with the final product.
  5. Instrumental music club :- students learn to play various musical instruments like harmonium, casio , drums etc. and polise their musical abilities.

Besides this We have
ECO Club :- Which is basically an (Environment friendly Club) and they sensitize other to be case for environment. They undertake projects like .

Currentey  a drive make our school a plastic free zone is on by encourasing usage of into bags amount learners.

Heritage Club :- is a popular club as its members go for walks around heritage monuments. This is to sensitize them for our heritage monuments.

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